Four hours of blade time generally averages 30+ guided Alaska heli-skiing runs, depending on how deep we must fly to access the best snow and weather conditions during your week. We ski as much as possible every day within the limits of weather, snow stability, group objectives, and other factors. The majority of our runs range from about 2,000-5,000 vertical feet—it’s possible to get 30,000+ vertical feet of powder in six runs!

Some days we may be in the field all day nailing it. Other days we may launch later or return earlier due to weather and/or snow conditions. Due to notorious Alaska weather, our packages are a full week to help you achieve all of your heliskiing. However, when the stars align you may use all of your original four hours of blade time in less than seven days (see below for details on additional discounted blade time).

We do not heli-ski a standard circuit within a small region simply to rack up as many runs as possible. Our focus is on high quality, not necessarily quantity. We have 4,000 square miles of terrain available, and this includes exclusively permitted heli-ski terrain in the Chugach National Forest—famous for its massive vertical, tremendous variety of terrain, and deep velvet powder. H2O Guides has 34 distinct regions available to access more favorable microclimates with better snow conditions, weather, and snow stability every day. We are the only operator with access to this amount and variety of terrain that is not shared with other heli-skiing operations. No other heli-ski operator can honestly claim this.

Your blade time is used for skiing and riding. It is not burned by flying great distances over terrain you can’t ski to ferry multiple groups into the field or for excessive refueling runs. Other operations must ferry their groups into the field, burning blade time, and either return to base each time for fuel runs or operate close to a fuel cache. H2O Guides has multiple staging areas available with mobile fueling operations getting you closer to the powder. This eliminates the need to ferry our groups long distances from base and return to base each time for fuel (or be forced to operate close to a fuel cache). We truly maximize your Alaska heliskiing experience with the most efficient use of your blade time.


When snow and weather conditions allow, you may use your original four hours of blade time in less than seven days. This is great, because it means you are skiing and riding your brains out and having an outstanding Alaska experience! If you don’t want the fun to stop, we recommend having reserve funds budgeted to keep accessing the goods—especially when weather and snow are prime. Each additional hour of blade time above the original four hours is discounted at $1,000 per person (for a full group of four). You only pay for blade time burned, and you are priority to fly during your reserved week.


Buying blade time favors you since we fly anywhere within our domain to find the best weather and snow conditions. Vertical feet programs favor operators, since operators are compelled to fly closer to the operations base and ski a smaller circuit.

With our massive amount of accessible terrain and permits, numerous quality runs are close to home. Combined with our ability to go deeper than any operator in Valdez or Cordova, and our special use permit to heli-ski in the Chugach National Forest, you get far more value with H2O Guides.

We also maximize your blade time by getting our groups closer to the daily regions of operations via ground shuttles. These are short, scenic drives to our nine strategically located staging areas with mobile fueling operations. This means that you get more blade time for heliskiing instead of burning valuable blade time getting you and other groups to the field. Meanwhile, our mobile fueling operations streamline operations by reducing the number of fuel runs so that you end up with more blade time for skiing and snowboarding.