The Chugach Mountains surrounding Valdez offer the pinnacle of big mountain freeride skiing and riding. We access some of the most challenging heli-ski terrain in the world. While 50% of our terrain has the steepest, deepest, most technical lines, the rest has a combination of expert, advanced and intermediate runs. No matter what your ability, our Guides will teach you skills such as sluff management and steep skiing techniques to help you progress to more challenging terrain and take your big mountain freeride skiing and riding to a higher level. 

Ability Levels

  • Confident Intermediate - You confidently ski or ride all conditions (fresh powder, hard pack, wind buff, ice, etc.) in control on moderate slopes. 
  • Advanced - You ski or ride steeper, more challenging slopes in deep powder and variable conditions but avoid no-fall zones.
  • Expert - You ski or ride the steepest, deepest terrain (50% of our terrain has your name on it!).
  • Pro - You ski or ride at the absolute highest level. 


Heli-skiing Alaska's Chugach Mountains with H2O Guides is mind blowing but can be strenuous even for expert skiers and riders. You should be physically prepared to handle massive vertical, deep powder, variable snow surface conditions and challenging terrain. We recommend that you ski or ride as much as possible before your trip or do whatever it takes to ensure that you are ready for this Alaskan big mountain freeride experience.


We build groups that have the same general ability and desire to ski the same kind of terrain. If you are traveling solo or with fewer than four skiers/riders then we will combine groups accordingly whenever possible. We cater to intermediate skiers and riders, however we require that you have a full group of four with the same ability level.