What our guests say about their Alaska Heliskiing experience with H2O Guides

"I had a fantastic time skiing with H2O Guides on both of my trips to Valdez.  Friendly, experienced, very knowledgeable guides and staff combined with the creamy velvet powder steeps of the Chugach Mountains is a serious skier's dream trip." - Scott McReynolds
"AK is no joke.  AK deserves the utmost respect!  H2O Guides put me in the box seat when it came to getting the ultimate white powder experience.  Every new day spent riding with H2O Guides was an adrenaline rush I craved again and again!" - Antony Clack
"Dean and his staff treat you like a friend.  Chest deep, 45-degree powder fields that went forever." - Michael MacDermott
"Greatest skiing of my life.  Great backcountry experience.  Thanks to H2O we skied terrain that most skiers only dream about" - Vadin Chapko
"The terrain is unbelievable, ski videos don't do it justice!" - John Marshall
"It was like nothing I've ever experienced before.  From the first helicopter ride out to the last one in, it was the most surreal experience I've ever had." - Matt Wentlers
"Over the past two years, I've flown 11 days and made 83 descents in Private or Expedition ships.  Standing at the top of lines like Tomahawk, Meet Your Maker and FM are visions etched on my mind.  I constantly dream about this huge ramp named Meteorite that we've flown over but haven't been able to land.  I can't really describe in words the adrenaline high or the level of focused intensity you experience looking down a big ramp or a seemingly vertical spine...but perhaps the fact that I booked an Expedition ship for a couple weeks after I got home says it all.  Access the Goods, it will change your life!" - David Learned
"I have heli-skied in Utah, New Zealand, Canada, and Alaska.  In Alaska the scenery was incredible, and the skiing was 'best ever' for me.  Safety was top notch." - Darrell E. Zuber
"We had an awesome time skiing the BIG MOUNTAINS with you guys last month.  The Chugach is the stone boss!  I appreciate your dedication to a quality product.  Your guides are great, I learn a lot every time I come up, and I get to hang it out over the edge a little while still being safe.  Good stuff." - Scott Wilger
"Valdez is overpowering to say the least...it puts into perspective all the vert you ever had in your life.  Overall I think H2O does an outstanding job.  The guides really emphasize safety and respect for the mountains." - Randy McBeath
"Our trip was one of those chances of a lifetime.  To experience the world's greatest thrill.  Skiing the best snow in the world with your best friend and son.  I challenge anyone to find a better feeling.  Thanks” - Paul McFarlane
"You (Dean) and everyone else at H2O made the trip something I'll remember the rest of life.  I've had some good trips before, but none of them changed my life the way that Alaska has.  That's the truth!  That feeling I got when you took our group down Steamers was like nothing I've ever felt before.  A total rush!  I skied things that I wouldn't have thought I could ski and had a great time doing it. It made me rediscover skiing." - John Lobsenz
"H2O doesn't disappoint!  While other heli-ski companies ski cow pastures, H2O delivers the goods.  There is no better skiing in the world." - Toby Salin
"If you've ever dreamed of the steeps, but were unsure about any aspect of it, suppress the feelings and take the challenge; your efforts will be rewarded and your dreams fulfilled." - Jeff Gerdes
"The size and grandeur is impossible to describe and pictures do not do it justice.  It is incredibly overwhelming not just the first time but every time you look up.  What is really conflicting is how loud your visual sensors are overloaded but when nobody is moving or talking and the chopper is gone... it is completely quiet.  I mean there is no wind and absolutely no sound yet everything is so big and so loud.  Perspective was impossible." - Kurt Komar