H2O Guides operates in remote backcountry terrain where avalanches are possible. There is inherent risk, but we have fused practical backcountry protocols with remote mechanized guided operations to mitigate risk. This means that we strive to avoid avalanches through top-down terrain management and on-the-go hazards assessment coupled with visual-verbal route selection and excellent knowledge of the terrain. H2O Guides believes that visual-verbal route selection is the key to avoiding hazards including avalanches. 

Our snow safety team monitors snow pack throughout the season to forecast daily avalanche potential, and we choose our regions of operations accordingly. Living in Valdez year round enables us to monitor weather, snow pack, microclimates, and glacier changes continually, giving us better knowledge than operators who are here for just a few months of the year. We have intimate knowledge of the snow pack and the glaciers with the ability to monitor their changes on a continual basis, and we access the Chugach year round. Additionally, we have several thousand square miles of terrain available to heli-ski. This gives us the flexibility to choose regions with better snow stability as well as better snow quality.

avalanche airbag systems

Your AAS may be carried on U.S. flights, however TSA requires that you discharge your pressurized cartridges before boarding.

H2O Guides rents and sells SubQ Designs ABS-equipped airbag jackets, Ortovox avalanche backpacks, ABS Avalanche backpacks, and canisters with triggers. These tools might help you during an avalanche but do come with additional risks (Please reference ABS Backpacks for more information: www.abs-airbag.com).

Rental Rates: $45 per day, $115 for three days, and $250 for 7 days. Canisters with a trigger are $15 a day.