Alaska Ski

Alaska is one of a kind ski paradise that draws numerous fans of winter sports to its fold every year. The resorts receive over 40 feet of snow yearly, and with that being said, it is a synonym for the world’s best skiing and snowboarding sanctuary.

If winter sports are your religion, then Alaska might just be your Mecca. With its massive snowy mountains, captivating views, and enormous skiing terrain, it became a prosperous tourist location for all those who enjoy winter and all activities that follow it.

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Super G Vs. Downhill: The Differences Explained

The sport of alpine skiing can involve a wide variety of disciplines and techniques. Two of the most popular events are Super G (Super Giant Slalom) and Downhill races. While both events involve skiing quickly down an incline, Super G and Downhill skiing have noticeable differences. To help clarify these distinctions, we’ll explore what sets … Read more